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If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Sydney, look no further.

Sydney Surf Club is the only sports club in Sydney committed to social surfing. We host beginner-friendly social surfing sessions every Sunday at different beaches throughout Sydney, and host regular social events throughout the year!

Our sessions are for everyone—from beginners to pros. 

If you’re a beginner surfer, our sessions can help you get comfortable in the water, learn your surf etiquette, and see you catch your first waves. If you’re a seasoned pro you can head out back, shred amongst a group of gnarly surfers, and even compete in several surfing competitions throughout the year!

Our aim is to bring together people of all ages, skill levels and backgrounds who want to enjoy surfing on Sydney’s world-famous beaches and hang out in the water with like-minded friends. 

At Sydney Surf Club, the only thing better than catching waves…is surfing them with friends.

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Our Story

Sydney Surf Club was founded in 2022. It is the only boardrider club in New South Wales that does weekly non-competitive surf meet-ups, yet still offers the opportunity for its members to take part in competitive events. Unlike other boardrider clubs that only allow competitive surfers to join, Sydney Surf Club is open to people of all surfing abilities. Our Sunday surf sessions take place at various beaches throughout Sydney, including Manly Beach, Freshwater, Curl Curl, Dee Why, Narrabeen, Bondi, and Maroubra. 

The club has experienced rapid growth since being founded, gaining over 500 sign-ups in its inaugural season. We are proud to have an almost 50/50 split between male and female members, which is higher than the Australian boardrider average for female inclusivity (25%), and are stoked that half our members are beginner surfers!

Sydney Surf Club is a fully associated boardrider club through Surfing NSW and Surfing Australia. This means that we have access to competitions, events, and skills workshops that are not open to the public. So, if you love surfing and want to meet up with other surfers in Sydney, then we’ve got what you’re looking for.

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Sydney Surf Club welcomes surfers of any ability. You are also welcome to join us if you want to boogie board, swim, build sand castles or just have a chat. If you are looking to make friends and enjoy Sydney’s world-famous beaches, we’d be stoked to have you join us 🤙

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